I think my mom still has that sweater somewhere. Cool color!

Steve: Yeah, I knew this would get posted sooner or later.

Christie: Steve looks so cute!

Steve: Hungry is more like it.

I think the story goes that I was really happy here because I was getting bribed with ice cream. You know, that still works...

Mom really liked green, didn't she?

I love this picture of Steve. He still makes that face! =)

10 years old!

Now how could I forget my bangs phase? I think I was trying to show off the earrings Grandma got me for my birthday here.

10 years old!

No way, mom...I didn't take the last cookie. Honest!

Well, here I am all grown up. Ah, the memories...! But I know the best are still yet to come.

Hmmm...what do I want to be when I grow up?