Boating After the Proposal

Steve's proposal was such a wonderful, unexpected surprise! It was a gorgeous, unusually warm San Francisco day, and I thought we were just going to the park for a picnic. We got to the spot where the two of us first met, and I started to remind him about it when...I looked beside me and realized he was down on one knee! I'll never forget the look in his eyes as he asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. I still get a lump in my throat when I think about it!

After lunch Steve had a celebratory boat ride all lined up, complete with champagne. The weather was so perfect, just like the whole day!

Well, little did Christie know, but SO many things went wrong trying to set up that day! I actually had to abort twice earlier because of weather. But it finally worked out, and I had butterflies like crazy going to the park. I knew she didn't have a clue, and honestly was pretty nervous about her reaction. Then I dropped the ring when I was taking it out and totally forgot the words I was going to use to ask the big question. But when she said "yes", none of that mattered!